UNC: We don't condone wrong-doing of any kind but have no facts

The United National Congress says it does not have the details surrounding the detention of the Anand Ramlogan and Gerald Ramdeen.

However, the party says that it does not condone wrongdoing of any kind.

The UNC issued a statement on Wednesday morning.

"The United National Congress (UNC) notes the reports that attorneys Anand Ramlogan and Gerald Ramdeen have been detained by the police.

The UNC is not privy to the details of these reports but we wish to repeat we do not condone wrongdoing of any kind.

Unlike the ruling PNM Government,  the UNC is focused on working in the best interest of all the people of Trinidad and Tobago. 

We have no doubt that this desperate and failing Rowley administration is searching for a way to distract the public’s attention away from their record of failure over the last four years.

The Rowley administration is characterised by incompetence, corruption, massive unemployment and runaway crime. 

The United National Congress knows what every person in Trinidad and Tobago knows; that the nation is in crisis, and that citizens are fed up, frustrated and angry with the Rowley government. 

That’s why the United National Congress remains resolute in its plans to focus on people-centred development to move Trinidad and Tobago forward, despite the failure of the Rowley Government to deliver for the people of Trinidad and Tobago."

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