UNC Women's Arm demands apology from PM

The UNC Women's Arm is demanding an apology from the prime minister over what it says was a clear depiction of sexual assault during a skit done at the PNM's Family Day on Sunday.

The Women's Arm issued a statement on the matter on Tuesday.

"If a Government is serious about tackling the epidemic of violence against women and a culture of lack of respect for women and girls, then the People’s National Movement Government should start by condemning and issuing an apology to all women for the depiction of sexual assault against a woman dressed in a yellow sari by two individuals dressed as Red Gorillas at their Sports and Family Day held on Sunday.

All too often, these kinds of portrayal of a sexual nature against women are laughed off, depicted as a minor offense.

The newly appointed Minister of National Security Mr Stuart Young even termed this portrayal as “fun” however he should be reminded that these sorts of portrayal the common themes are often of sexual objectification, devaluation and violence against women.

There are intended and unintended consequences for society, it contributes to the normalization of such abuse. 

Sexual assault is not funny, it is scarring, it is a violation of everything that constitutes a safe environment for all!

We all have the responsibility to stand up today and say this is not funny!

The UNC National Women’s Arm calls for an apology from the Prime Minister as the Political Leader of the People’s National Movement and the Minister of National Security Stuart Young for his callous remarks!"


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