Union: UNC attempting to play role of victim in Rienzi eviction

Monday, July 25, 2016 - 20:00

The All Trinidad General Workers’ Trade Union is accusing the UNC of misleading the media and attempting to play the role of victim as the party prepares to leave Rienzi Complex due to its failure to agree to the terms of the landlord.

The Union issued the following statement today on the matter.

"The President General of the All Trinidad General Workers’ Trade Union again wishes to reiterate to the national community and persons interested in the UNC/Rienzi rental issue the following:

That to date the All Trinidad General Workers Trade Union has not had any official correspondence and/or communication from the UNC regarding this issue.

That the Union would have written to the UNC since 2010 and subsequently after that, with regard to organising a long-term lease and to date the UNC has never officially responded. In fact, the UNC continued to treat the Union, the landlord, with scant courtesy by its refusal to meet concerning this issue. The Union is ready to provide all documentation to this effect.

That by its silence and refusal to meet regarding this matter for over five years, the UNC implied that it was not interest in a long-term lease and was quite content to be a month to month tenant.

That by consensus among the General Council and Central Executive of the Union, the Union has decided that because of the refusal and/or failure of the UNC to meet the Union as the legitimate landlord, the Union was no longer prepared to issue a long-term lease to the UNC, but a month to month one instead.

That to date the UNC has made many misleading statements in the media in order to play on the sympathy of an unsuspecting public and turn the issue into a political one rather than one of a landlord tenant relationship. It is very ironic that UNC politicians will seek to accuse the President General of being political.

The Union wishes to inform for those who don’t know, that every single individual in our country has a democratic right to engage in the political process however they may see fit and that individuals making up the UNC or PNM do not have a divine right to or a monopoly on the political landscape of Trinidad and Tobago.

That it seems as though the UNC is negotiating with the media and the public rather with the landlord of Rienzi Complex. In this regard, there is no doubt anymore, that the UNC is attempting to portray itself as a victim, rather than as tenant who by its own actions, has no desire to remain at Rienzi Complex, but to leave as fast as possible.

A lot more can and may be said if necessary, concerning the relationship between the landlord, the All Trinidad General Workers’ Trade Union and the new leadership of the UNC- the Tenant, regarding this issue.

The Union is also calling on Ms. Khadijah Ameen to stay out of business she has no idea about, since while accusing the President General of being political, she failed to mention that she is the only person to have ever been handed the safest UNC seat, on a platter and went on to lose the seat and lose her deposit.

Mr. Rudranath Indarsingh who also accused the President General of being political must also say whether the Union was being political or not when it supported him in more ways than one, tangible and intangible in 2010 when he became a candidate for the UNC.

As said before, lot more can and will be said, if it becomes necessary."

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