University School is 1st school from T&T to attain the international LEAF Award

The Ministry of Planning and Development through the Environmental Policy and Planning Division is extending congratulations to The University School for being the first school from Trinidad and Tobago to attain the prestigious international LEAF Award which they received on Friday 12th October, 2018 for their project highlighting the importance of Wetlands in addressing climate change.

The LEAF Award is part of the LEAF Programme, one of five programmes under the Foundation for Environmental Education operating out of Denmark.

The programme is implemented in Trinidad and Tobago through a National Coordinator.

The Environmental Policy and Planning Division in collaboration with the Institute of Marine Affairs and the Forestry Division were delighted to assist the school in the practical component of the project involving mangrove replanting at Caroni Swamp on May 22, 2018.

The University School came up with creative and innovative ways of engaging the students in activities throughout the (entire) year in the subject areas of Math, Science, Social Studies and Arts.

Many of the activities, including the mangrove tree planting at Caroni swamp, a Mangrove Project Comparative Study, a Spoken Word, a Forest Carnival Band and video conferencing with students from Ireland about their forest projects, have been acknowledged and documented as global LEAF best practices.

The ministry said that the efforts of this project are consistent with the work of the Environmental Policy and Planning Division with regard to conserving the nation's biodiversity and the highlighting the critical role that natural ecosystems play in addressing global threats such as climate change.

It says that this work is aligned to the Government's National Development Strategy - Vision 2030 - under which one of the themes is placing the Environment at the Centre of Economic and Social Development, and is part of the Ministry's ongoing campaign to remind citizens that Environmental Pride is National Pride.

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