Update on students removed from Chaguanas North, El Dorado East schools

Sunday, April 10, 2016 - 20:00

Minister of Education Anthony Garcia says the majority of students who were removed from the Chaguanas North Secondary School and placed in learning centres are progressing well.

Earlier this year 20 students were removed from the school. 

In giving an update today the minister said 13 students are doing well in the programme.

However, the Minister said seven didn't show up for classes, including one female student who has not been heard from since.

She is said to be living with an adult partner. 

As for the 31 students who were removed from the El Dorado East Secondary School, the minister said the 10 who are Form Five students will be allowed to sit their exams and 15 will be sent to the Learning Enhancement Centre in Macoya.

He said four are over the age of 16 and the Ministry has no legal authority over them. 

The others who are in the lower forms will be allowed to go rejoin the school population.

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