US donates high-tech equipment to police

The United States Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago has made a donation of high-tech equipment to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service’s Organised Crime and Intelligence Unit (OCIU), to assist in its operations.

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith met with US Embassy Chargé d’Affaires John McIntyre on Monday at the OCIU’s offices at Agra Court, Port of Spain, for the handing over of two computer servers.

The equipment will be used to improve the processing of information into intelligence, to strenthen the OCIU’s ability to tackle drug trafficking, gangs and gang-related activities in Trinidad and Tobago.

Griffith expressed his gratitude to Mr. McIntyre, saying the equipment will further enhance the TTPS’s ability to employ intelligence-led policing techniques to eradicate the drug and gun trades in Trinidad and Tobago.

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