US prankster: Fan Ann knew nothing about bathroom prank

Sunday, August 14, 2016 - 16:30

Celebrity prankster Trevor "Queenzflip" Robinson says neither Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez knew about the prank he attempted to play on her when he turned up in the couple's hotel bathroom.

It comes amid speculation that the video showing a fight between Queenzflip and Fay Ann's husband Ian "Bunji Garlin" Alvarez, was all a publicity stunt.

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As promised, Queenzflip uploaded the video showing when Fay Ann walked into the bathroom.

It shows Queenzflip sitting on the bathroom tub grinning broadly.

Fay Ann reacts with surprise and someone called "Crystal" who accompanied her first asked "Who is that" and then began calling "Ian", Bunji's name.

After repeatedly saying that "it's not a joke", Fay Ann then picks up a blow dryer and confronts Queenzflip following which she too calls her husband.


This latest video, with the background song being Superblue's (Fay Ann's father) "Bachannal Time", has also come under scrutiny by those who believe it was staged.

But in the comments below the post, Queenzflip says that Fay Ann had no idea he would be in the bathroom.

“I wasn't supposed to do the shower thing, I was supposed to scare her lol but at the last minute it changed, & she buss my head with a blow dryer - @fayannlyons & @BunjiGarlin know I have love & respect for them ITS A JOKE!!!”

“I had no intention of showering or seeing her naked , Dex told me she was coming up to the room for something .. So I left the closet and went to the bathroom LAST MINUTE THING.”

“Thought cause I played her father song she would laugh but I guess not."

“The only lesson I learned is too block better!! Other than that LETS SEE WHO I PRANK NEXT," Queenzflip said.

A member of Bunji's team, Dexter, was the man behind the attempted prank. Both Queenzflip and Bunji made reference to him in their posts.

Queenzflip is known for his brazen pranks, some of which are on his Instagram page.

In many of them he is heard saying to his angry victims, the same line he used on Saturday, "It's a joke".

He once tried a prank on Bajan songstress Allison Hinds and was hit in his face for doing it.