US, T&T to engage in crisis response training next month

The Governments of Trinidad and Tobago and of the United States will be collaborating to host a bilateral crisis response training exercise entitled Fused Response 2018, the Ministry of National Security has said.

Scheduled to take place from 16-26 April 2018, Exercise Fused Response is a simulation exercise designed to build capacity and strengthen capabilities in Trinidad and Tobago, using a Whole of Government approach to crisis management.

Through this Exercise, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago will be able to test this country’s emergency response plans, validate processes, and identify any possible gaps.

Exercise Fused Response will serve as a learning opportunity for both countries, as it will enhance the ability of both Governments to coordinate and rapidly respond together to a crisis with regional implications.

Speaking today at a joint media conference announcing the start of the Exercise, Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon expressed appreciation to the US Government for its continued partnership with Trinidad and Tobago.

“We appreciate all opportunities to work closer with our international partners and share best practices through training exercises such as this one, which will undoubtedly redound to the greater benefit of our country and region as a whole,” he said.

U.S. Embassy Charge d’Affaires Mr. John McIntyre reiterated his Government’s commitment to work collaboratively with Trinidad and Tobago and the region on emergency preparedness and citizen security.

Exercise Fused Response is an annual routine exercise that has been sponsored by the US Government via the US Southern Command since 2012.

Similar exercises have been hosted over the years in the region.

Trinidad and Tobago accepted an invitation offered by the US Government in 2017 for this country to host Exercise Fused Response 2018.

While the Exercise is set to roll out in April 2018, planning and coordination have been in train for many months in advance.

The exercise is being funded by the US Government.


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