US Vice-President meets with Guaido amidst Venezuela unrest

US Vice President Mike Pence told the US-recognized interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, that the U.S. is behind him "100 percent".

Pence made the comment during a trilateral meeting in Bogota, Colombia with Guiado and Colombian President Ivan Duque Pence.

While in Bogota, Pence and regional leaders are expected to discuss strategy to hasten the departure of disputed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and how to get humanitarian aid currently piling up on the border in Brazil and Colombia into Venezuela, where supplies of food and medicine have run low.

He will deliver a speech to the Lima Group on the growing crisis in Venezuela.

In a briefing to reporters, a senior Trump administration official said the United States intends to bring the "full measure of economic and diplomatic weight” to bear on the Venezuela issue, and the speech will show “concrete examples of what that means."

Pence is expected to hold meetings with Guaido and Colombian president Ivan Duque, before delivering his remarks. The vice president is also scheduled to meet with Venezuelan exiles and their families before heading back to Washington.

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