UTT evacuated as insecticide causes sickness

The University of Trinidad & Tobago O'Meara campus was evacuated after an insecticide, which was sprayed on the premises this morning, made staff unwell.

Deputy Chairman of UniversityProfessor Clement Imbert confirmed the evacuation took place to Guardian Media.

Health and Safety officers order the campus be evacuated after several members of staff complained about feeling nauseous.

The scent was said to be overpowering.

Guardian Media was told it seemed like insecticide was coming through the air conditioning vents 

The campus was cleared by 10am.

Professor Imbert said the fields at the facility are sprayed over the weekend, but instead the fumigation took place at around 5am morning.

"We have some service providers who spray the fields, and the grass area in O'Meara. They are supposed to tell us when they are going to spray, and we would only give permission to spray on weekends," said Imbert.

"We did not give them permission to spray this morning."

Imbert told Guardian Media that gas usually took two to four hours to clear, so the campus was ordered evacuated until lunch time.

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