UTT launches investigation into "cussing" teacher

The University of Trinidad and Tobago has launched an investigation into the classroom conduct of one of its lecturers after a video was posted on social media showing the teacher using obscene language to scold the class.

This was confirmed by Education Minister Anthony Garcia who expressed disappointment saying that while he understands the frustration that comes with the job, it does not excuse that type of conduct.

Minister Garcia said teachers are example setters for future generations and that behaviour cannot be tolerated.

CNC3 news has been told that the lecturer is attached to the Foundation Unit.

The minister confirmed that his contract is set to expire in two weeks' time as he is on the list of lecturers to be retrenched.

One student who spoke to us anonymously said this was not the first time that the teacher has insulted students in that manner.

The student said several complaints were made to the university but nothing was done.


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