UWI South Campus ready by September

The Uni­ver­si­ty of the West In­dies’ South Cam­pus in Debe will be open from Sep­tem­ber of this year.

This was an­nounced by UWI St Au­gus­tine Cam­pus Prin­ci­pal Bri­an Copeland at the an­nu­al UWI St Au­gus­tine Cam­pus Coun­cil Meet­ing on Tues­day.

“The cam­pus is al­most ready, you will see us open­ing our doors in Sep­tem­ber,” said Copeland.

He said while most peo­ple dri­ving along the Debe high­way would see un­fin­ished build­ings, the key struc­tures were near­ing com­ple­tion.

“The build­ings that we need will be com­plet­ed by the end of April,” said Copeland, who ex­plained the build­ing most vis­i­ble to com­muters was the li­brary.

“Well that’s the li­brary, it will not be com­plet­ed in this phase. If you were to take the time to go dri­ving in­to the cam­pus, you would see that the oth­er build­ings are, in fact, com­plet­ed. There are four build­ings that are yet to be com­plet­ed that will be com­plet­ed in phase two,” said Copeland.

The UWI Prin­ci­pal de­fend­ed his con­tin­ued in­ter­est in the $500 m cam­pus. He said the cam­pus would re­pay the in­vest­ment through the grad­uands that ben­e­fit from the cam­pus. He did this by do­ing a rough es­ti­mate which placed $4.8 mil­lion as the fig­ure re­quired for a per­son to live a mod­est to av­er­age life.

“This cam­pus is $500m when you do the math prop­er­ly, that’s 105 life­times that’s in­vest­ed in this cam­pus. The very first day that you grad­u­ate 105 stu­dents from this cam­pus, you would have bal­anced your bud­get,” said Copeland.

He al­so said the uni­ver­si­ty was seek­ing to in­cor­po­rate the Cou­va Hos­pi­tal in­to the Uni­ver­si­ty as the Cou­va Med­ical Mul­ti-Train­ing Fa­cil­i­ty by Sep­tem­ber this year.

Last year, the Gov­ern­ment went in­to part­ner­ship with the uni­ver­si­ty with a view to op­er­a­tionalise the hos­pi­tal, which has been va­cant de­spite be­ing opened by the pre­vi­ous gov­ern­ment in 2015.

The uni­ver­si­ty has a 51 per cent stake in the hos­pi­tal.

“We are look­ing to place the fac­ul­ty of med­ical sci­ence there, we are pret­ty much ready to do that,” said Copeland, who ad­mit­ted that the Gov­ern­ment was al­so very keen on UWI’s progress with the fa­cil­i­ty.

“It has state-of-the-art equip­ment right up there with the best but sit­ting down for two years, the Gov­ern­ment is anx­ious to ac­ti­vate it,” said Copeland.

“It is an op­por­tu­ni­ty to forge a much high­er lev­el of care, of qual­i­ty health­care for the na­tion and at the same time earn­ing for­eign ex­change,” he said.

Reporter: Peter Christopher

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