Venezuelan boat that overturned on way to T&T had mostly women

The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard is yet to confirm the truth of reports that several Venezuelan nationals have gone missing at sea, after the boat they were in capsized en route to Trinidad and Tobago.

According to an article published today by Venezuelan news site Noticia Al Dia, 33 people disappeared at sea after a boat which travelled from the town of Guiria to T&T sank near The Bocas off Trinidad's west coast.

The article further stated that only the boat's captain and another passenger were rescued in an offshore area known as Boca de Dragon.

It is reported that a blackout in the village Guiria, prevented villagers from obtaining information on the disappearance.

The news agency listed the missing people, most of whom were women.

Unofficial reports suggest the vessel "Yonaili Jose" set sail with more weight than it could bear.

Spanish media have given a list of 23 of the people who were on the boat.

The names are:

1.- Yoselis Rojas.
2.- Zulma Patinez.
3.- Yusmaris Patinez.
4.- Melani Patinez.
5.- Deique Marin.
6.- Luisa Marin.
7.- Frank Hernández.
8.- Julio Pacheco.
9.- Ender Blanco.
10.- Julio Carrion.
11.- Carmen Larez.
12.- Estefani Flores.
13.- Sariana Lopez.
14.- Ruz Patinez.
15.- Yubrelin Merchan.
16.- Daniamis Medina.
17.- Angélica Mata.
18.- Anabel
19.- Oriana Diaz.
20.- Yenkaris Sifontes.
21.- Yailyn Jiménez.
22.- Yusmary Lezama (Rescued)
23.-Francisco Martinez (Rescued)

Venezuelan officials are investigating whether this event had to do with trafficking in women, since most of the passengers were women.

They say it appears that the weight with which they traveled was excessive for the boat. 

We will have more on this later.


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