Venezuelan registration: What happens after 5pm?

Despite calls from International human rights bodies, the registration period for Venezuelan migrants will close at 5 pm, according to national security minister Stuart Young.

However, Young has announced a system that will ensure those who are present outside registration centres at the close of registration will not be disadvantaged. 

In response to a question from the opposition in the lower house of Parliament, Young outlined a process to accommodate the backlog when gates close at 5 pm. 

As at 5 pm, those in line or on the compound will have their photographs taken, a chit will be provided with an official stamp, a number and a date of return to complete the process. 
This aligns with one of the recommendations put forward by Refugees International on Thursday. 

Refugees International President Eric Schwartz said at the very least, “the government should allow Venezuelans who pre-registered online or who are already waiting in line at a registration centre to complete their registration process even if it is after the June 14 deadline.”

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