Video captures El Dorado East student throwing scratch bomb into restaurant

Thursday, March 17, 2016 - 20:00

Just hours after students set fire to the roof of the El Dorado East Secondary School, a student of the school caused panic at a restaurant on Caura junction.

Video now circulating on Facebook shows a male student standing at the door of a restaurant while other students go about their business inside.


The video, which came from three CCTV cameras, then shows the student throwing something into the establishment while students scampered for cover.

From one angle, the footage shows a small explosion, likely to be caused by a scratch bomb.

A cashier is also seen scampering, while the footage outside the establishment shows the male student running away.

El Dorado East Secondary is under close watch by the police and the Ministry of Education, as 31 students have been identified as displaying delinquent behaviour and causing disruptions to the normal proceedings at the school.

Arouca police are investigating.