Video: Female student tussles with male police officers and the reason is more cause for concern

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 - 05:00

A video of a female school student tussling with two police officers is being circulated extensively on social media and the reason for the tussle is even more alarming.

The conflict, according to eyewitnesses, stemmed from the police's attempt to ensure the safety of the student.

The identity of the student cannot be shared since she is legally a minor.

According to reports, police officers were on patrol in Port-of-Spain when they observed the student in the company of a man outside a clothing store.

An eyewitness says police approached the girl and the man and asked how they knew each other. 

The girl replied that the man was her cousin while the man replied that she was his friend.


The eyewitness says that the police indicated that based on the number of missing people cases and crimes taking place across the country, they wanted to be clear of their relations to ensure the girl's safety.

The officers reportedly asked the girl to accompany them to the police station where they could contact her parents or guardian.

It's alleged that the girl became angry and used obscene language as she objected to the police's request, which led to the police's decision to move to detain her.

In the video, a woman is heard saying she didn't understand this, as "two of them was talking normal, normal".

The girl is heard screaming to the police that she didn't do anything.

Head of Corporate Communications at the Police Service, Ellen Lewis says the video appears to show the intervening officer displaying a high degree of restraint.

She says the officer can be heard counselling the schoolgirl and adds that this is not the first video to surface that depicts school children demonstrating flagrant disregard for the lawful authority of police officers while being egged on by irresponsible adults who ought to know better.

She says that in any situation involving an officer, in which members of the public feel aggrieved, they are advised to make a formal complaint to the PCA or to the Complaints Division of the Police Service.

She could not confirm whether the student was eventually charged with an offence.