Visas for Venezuelans - Gov't announces new entry requirements

National Security Minister Stuart Young has announced that from Monday, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago will implement a visa system for Venezuelans wishing to come to Trinidad and Tobago.

The minister made the announcement at a news conference in Port-of-Spain at the end of the Venezuelan registration process.

"From Monday morning we will be implementing visas for Venezuelans to come to Trinidad and Tobago," Young said.

"The visas will be issued by the embassy in Caracas, Venezuela, and the only Venezuelans who will be allowed to enter our legal ports of entry will be those with visas," Young added.

Until now, Venezuelans were free to travel to this country on holiday and business without the requirement of visas, for as long as 90 days.

The minister says the government will now be able to determine who is allowed to come to this country via the visa policy.

The minister said initial figures suggest that just over 15,000 persons registered.

He promised to give a further update on the numbers, including those of the men, women and children who were registered.

- by Sampson Nanton. Photo by Michael Ramsingh.


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