Warrant for male suspect who assaulted police officers in Indian Walk

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - 12:30

A warrant is to be issued for the arrest of a male suspect, who is alleged to have assaulted police officers, during the conduct of their duties at Cumuto Road, Indian Walk, yesterday.

Three officers attached to the Princes Town Police Station, were on mobile patrol around 9:50 am, on Tuesday 29th August, 2017, when they saw a man acting suspiciously.

The officers were carrying out a search of the suspect, when a firearm was allegedly discovered on his person.

During the course of the search, a crowd comprising about 40 persons surrounded the officers; one whom committed an assault against the officers.

This person is being sought and faces charges, including assaulting an officer, resisting arrest and using obscene language. In the course of the incident, the initial suspect managed to escape, leaving behind the firearm behind and this was seized by an individual within the crowd for whom the police is in search of.

Head of the Southern Division, Snr. Supt. Zamsheed Mohammed is calling on the citizenry to be civil and respectful of the police in the discharge of their lawful duties.

Members of the public are advised that according to Section of the 59 of the Police Service Act 2006- “A person who assaults, obstructs, or resists a police officer in the execution of his duty, or aids or incites another person so to assault, obstruct, or resist a police officer or a person assisting the police officer in the execution of his duty, is liable on summary conviction to a fine of ten thousand dollars and to imprisonment for two years