WASA employee falls ill… causes accident

Thursday, December 19, 2019 - 11:00

One man has been hospitalised following a freak accident involving six vehicles, in the capital this morning.

Eyewitnesses told us that at around 7 o’clock, a man driving a WASA van sped up at a red light onto traffic which had the right-of-way, and collided with an Almera vehicle.

However, the van did not stop there as the driver’s foot was on the accelerator and pushed the Almera onto more cars—hitting five more in the process.

When the van eventually came to a stop, the engine was still revving, which meant the man's foot was still on the accelerator.

Passers-by opened the van door and noticed the man shaking uncontrollably. It is suspected he was suffering a seizure.

WASA officials confirm that the man—whose identity has not been disclosed—is now at hospital. They did indicate that he has medical issues.

The company says it will issue a statement on the incident, later today.