WASA leak again outside Massy Stores

Monday, January 13, 2020 - 10:00

Thousands of gallons of water went down the drain after another water leak developed outside Massy Superstores in La Romaine over the weekend.

The leak caused damage to the Gulf View Link Road, and resulted in slush gushing down into residents’ properties.

Doubles vendor Johnathan Ramkhelawan said when he arrived to set up his stall at 6:30am, he saw the water flowing.

"It was a small leak and then it got worse. The water overflowing since last night. It is really deep now," Ramkhelawan said.

He said there were two water leaks within recent times.

A WASA official later said the waterline was locked off and arrangements were being made to repair the leak.



Story by RADHICA DE SILVA ([email protected])