WASA: Reservoirs still low

Thursday, December 5, 2019 - 13:45

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) says its three main impounding reservoirs in Trinidad continue to be significantly below respective Long Term Averages (LTAs) for this time of year.

The levels of storage and respective LTAs at WASA’s impounding reservoirs as at today – Thursday 5 th December, 2019 are as follows.

• Arena: 65.33%, LTA - 91.00%

• Navet: 62.47%, LTA - 91.93%

• Hollis: 57.89%, LTA - 91.76%

WASA says that following the 2019 dry season, recovery of the impounding reservoirs in Trinidad has been slow due to below average rainfall throughout the 2019 wet season.

"This trend has persisted during the month of November 2019, with deficits in recorded rainfall when compared to LTAs as follows: Hollis – 39.9%; Arena - 27%; Navet - 3.5%", the WSA statement said.

The cumulative shortfalls in rainfall at each reservoir in millimetres (mm) over the period January to November 2019 have been: 757 mm at Hollis; 529 mm at Navet; and 329 mm at Arena.

The Hollis and Navet Reservoirs have had the highest cumulative shortfall in rainfall for the year and as such, production levels at both Water Treatment Plants (WTPs) are still being maintained at approximately half of their respective capacities.

This ongoing situation continues to negatively impact the regularity and consistency of the water supply to customers in parts of Arima and D’Abadie (served by the Hollis WTP), as well as parts of Tableland, New Grant, Princes Town and Mayaro (served by the Navet WTP).

WASA says it remains steadfast in its prudent management of the country’s water resources to minimize the impact on customers now and into the upcoming 2020 dry season.

"To this end, the Authority has been closely monitoring distribution schedules and making minor adjustments where possible and providing a supplemental truck borne water supply to customers in affected areas. Customers and members of the public are encouraged to maintain strict water conservation measures by only using water as required, even throughout this holiday season. Customers are again reminded that the water use restrictions apply to the use of hoses, pressure washers, decorative water features and other similar apparatus and such restrictions remain in force until further notice. Security Officers attached to the Authority have increased patrols and will take action against persons found to be in breach of the water use restrictions."