WASA warns of payment fraud

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) is warning of people purporting to represent the authority, approaching vendors/contractors who engaged by WASA, with promises to provide cheque payments for outstanding invoices.

WASA says that such payments would reportedly be done on the payment of a commission to the individual presenting the cheque to the vendor/contractor.

In such instances, it says these cheques have been of a fraudulent nature.

WASA is point to the approved process for receipt and collection of cheques.

1. All cheques for payment by WASA are to be collected at the Cheque Payments/Paymaster Department a WASA's Head Office, Farm Road, St. Joseph. WASA does not deliver cheques to vendors/contractors.

2. Vendors/contractors are required to present proper authorization and identification at WASA’s Cheque Payments/Paymaster Department in order to receive their cheque payment for goods and/or services provided.

3. All queries or concerns about invoices should be lodged at the Purchasing Department.

WASA is recommending that individuals/vendors/contractors being paid by cheque, should follow the guidelines provided above and immediately report to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service - Fraud Squad Division, any persons purporting to be representatives of WASA and providing assistance for the delivery of cheques.