Watson Duke: We will not join Tobago coalition group

Watson Duke, leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) and leader of the Tobago House of Assembly's  Minority Council says his party will not join the newly formed 'One Voice' political party coalition.
Instead, he is inviting the coalition's leaders, Christlyn Moore- Tobago Forward (TF), Ashworth Jack- Organisation of the People (TOP) and Hochoy Charles- Platform of Truth (TPT), to join the PDP. 
The leaders' group is the Tobago Liberation and Empowerment Team.
Speaking with reporters at the Minority Council's office in Scarborough on Wednesday, Duke quoted from the Bible's Mark 2: 22.
"No man puts new wine into old bottles: else the new wine does burst the bottles and the wine is spilled," he quoted.
He added:" The PDP considers ourselves to be new wine and if Tobago is to unite... that too must be seen as new wine and if you are going to put it into any bottle then let's look for the newest bottle."
Last Sunday members and leaders of the TF, TOP and TPT met at the Rovanel's Resort in Crown Point, under the banner 'One Voice'.

" One voice is a vehicle to unite the peoples of Tobago ... and fix all the negative challenges affecting Tobago," Charles told the media.

 - by Camille Mceachnie

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