Waves to begin battering coastlines from midday today

The Met Office says sea conditions are expected to deteriorate this afternoon as northerly swells are forecast to reach coastlines of Trinidad and Tobago from midday today.

This northerly swell event is likely to affect coastlines for at least 48 hours.

The swells are forecast to reach 3 metres in open waters and above 1.5 metres in sheltered areas.

Individual wave heights, however, may reach in excess of 3 metres at times.

As these northerly swells approach shallow waters, the wave heights can increase sharply and as a result, may lead to battering waves especially along the coastlines.

Conditions will worsen during high tide especially along sheltered areas and northern coastlines.

Fisherfolk and citizens, in particular those residing along coastal areas, are asked to be on the alert for these forecast sea conditions.

The Met Office says all necessary measures must be taken to preserve life and property.

Small craft operators, sea bathers and all other marine interests are asked to exercise extreme caution in any sea related activities. 

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