Weed, cigarettes in sneakers meant for prisoner; mother arrested

Friday, August 19, 2016 - 16:00

Police have found marijuana and cigarettes in a pair of shoes that were meant to be delivered to a prisoner.

Police say that around 11am on Thursday, Jeniffer Mc Pherson of Nurse Trace, News Lands Village, Guayaguayare, went to the Mayaro Police station to drop off clothing and toiletries for her son who is on a accused of murder.


Corporal Randy Ramdhan received the articles from Mc Pherson and carried out a search on them. 

Upon investigating he found the white Nike sneakers to be somewhat heavier than usual and the inner sole looked like it had been tampered with.

A further investigation was carried out, during which police discovered three packets of cigarettes concealed in the  right side of the pair of sneakers.

Police also found approximately 44 grams of marijuana concealed in the left side of the pair.

Mc Pherson was arrested and charged.

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