Whale washes up on Tobago beach

A Mel­on-head­ed whale washed ashore in Ar­gyle this morn­ing.

Ac­cord­ing to of­fi­cials from the Di­vi­sion of Food Pro­duc­tion, Forestry, and Fish­eries, the mam­mal was seen close to shore yes­ter­day in the near­by Rox­bor­ough area.


" We do not know the cause of death as there were no trau­mat­ic signs on­ly su­per­fi­cial scratch­es pos­si­bly caused by be­ing washed up on shore," Crys­tal Ed­wards- Ma­rine Bi­ol­o­gist, at­tached to the Di­vi­sion, told Guardian Me­dia.

Wildlife bi­ol­o­gist, An­gela Ram­sey, who was al­so on the beach con­firmed the species.

She said the di­vi­sion will pre­serve the mam­mal's body un­til the cause of death is de­ter­mined.

" This is the first time we have seen this type of whale on these shores so we would like to de­ter­mine the cause of death." 

The mel­on-head­ed whale ( Pe­pono­cephale Elec­tra) falls un­der the Del­phinidae fam­i­ly.

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