Wharf Trace gets water for Christmas

Monday, December 23, 2019 - 13:15

It is going to be a merry Christmas after all for close to a hundred households of Upper Wharf Trace in Maracas / St Joseph.

After almost 15 years of not having a pipe-borne supply of water, the residents will now have additional tanks installed in their community.

Residents explained to CNC3 News that they would wait for the rain to fill their tanks but when that supply is finished, the struggle begins. But with the latest developments--namely, addition tanks to be installed by the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) they believe they’re finally going to get their own Christmas miracle.

Member of Parliament for Tunapuna, Esmond Forde, told us he could only personally account for the last four years. He says he has been communicating with WASA to have the issue resolved.

“Ongoing meetings have been happening with WASA and different issues—the terrain, the pumps, the booster pumps—somehow they had a problem with EMA in order to put this in place and that in place, and then the low levels at the various dams,” he told us.

Numerous complaints were made to WASA over the years and the only solution was to install a communal water tank. However, that only helped up to a point until WASA’s refilling schedule became inconsistent.

MP Esmond Forde says this may not have been deliberate.

“The terrain is so terrible that the trucks, once it’s raining, are unable to go up those terrain,” he says. “They would skid and wouldn’t be able to go up.”

Over the weekend, the Tunapuna MP, along with Corey Selvon, the councillor for the area, went into the community where spots were identified to have additional communal tanks installed.

“Yesterday, we would have put about six tanks—1,000 gallons each—in order to alleviate the situation temporarily,” he confirmed.

The MP says he intends to continue pressing WASA’s management to ensure long-term relief is brought to his constituents.