Why did she do this?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 - 06:00

A woman who stripped herself completely naked and walked along Wrightson Road after a vehicular accident on Tuesday evening, left scores of people completely baffled.

Woodbrook police said she was not taken into custody and some unconfirmed reports seem to indicate that the woman was approached by passers-by who helped her back to the vehicle where she was allowed to again clothe herself.

Reports of the incident have been circulating via Facebook posts, Instagram and WhatsApp voice messages and video have also emerged.

All reports say the same thing - that a woman driving a black pick-up truck slammed into three vehicles, got out of the vehicle, stripped herself naked and then walked off.

One woman wrote on Facebook;

"Massive traffic on Wrightson Road. A woman driving a black Hilux hit about three cars, lost her mind, took off her clothes and ran off naked."

"Is this the fake news the COP is talking about," asked a follower as he and others expressed surprise.

She added:

"I was dumbfounded for few a seconds for I thought that the person had damaged the cars by using stones or something. Apparently the shock of the accident just blew her mind and her naked run was the result. The persons whose cars were damaged were in disbelief. It happened so fast that people in the traffic had no time to take pics. The police were called."

Kevin Wallace also posted on Facebook:

"WTF is going on? Just saw a naked woman in the middle of a crowd on the corner of Colville and Wrightson Road. Thats at 6pm folks...Rush hour!!!She looked scared and confused."

Wallace said he saw no police, but only four people around the woman.

The photo of the woman was shared by a third person on Instagram by someone with the name "msjstar27".

It's not clear how the entire situation ended.

We will bring you further updates on this when we get them.