Widespread power disruption throughout country

Sunday, December 27, 2015 - 20:00

A widespread power disruption has been reported throughout the country.

Some people reported an intermittent electricity supply while others have had their current gone for longer periods. 

CNC3 has been told by aT&TEC official that there was a disturbance at the Trinidad Generators Unlimited (TGU) plant which triggered automatic load sharing and the supply to various areas was affected. 

The spokesperson said, that by 3 pm 80% of affected customers had their supply restored.

People from all over the country reported experienced power outages. 

Places like: Tacarigua, Rio Claro, D'abadie, Maraval, Gasparillo, St Augustine, La Brea and Tobago had power disruptions.

On December 15, there was a blackout in Port-of-Spain and other areas in the West. T&TEC said it has traced the source of last night's power outage across parts of northern Trinidad, as a problem at its Flament Street Substation. 

T&TEC identified the source of the December 15 outage in North West Trinidad as a breaker at PowerGen’s Flament St Substation which failed. An apparent cable fault was traced to the breaker during the restoration process.

The failure occurred as both companies are in the delicate final phase of switching over from the aging PowerGen plant by year’s end.