WIFI devices, 35 phones among seized prison contraband

Close to three dozen cellphones along with narcotics and paraphernalia were seized during a search of the Top Security area at the Remand Prison in Golden Grove Thursday morning.

During the raid, officers found 350 loose cigarettes, 20 cigarette lighters, 35 cell phones, 40 sim cards, 5 cell phone batteries, 39 headsets, 400 loose wrapping paper, 4  WIFI devices, razor blades, scales, improvised weapons and over 2 pounds of a plant-like substance. 

The massive haul is being described as the largest find of 2019.

A release from the TT Prison Service says the raid was conducted by officers from combined units of the prison service and there were no reports of injury to either the officers or inmates from the search.

Acting Commissioner of Prisons Dane Clarke says the prison service continues to play its part in ensuring safety and security. 


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