Williams hints at early retirement

Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams yesterday hinted about his early retirement at a function which celebrated his 39th year as a police officer.

Williams, who has been appointed 13 times to act as the police chief over the last six years, told an audience of police officers who graduated with him in 1979, that he was close to hanging up his guns. He has significant vacation leave entitled to him which, if taken, can extend into his retirement at 60.

“I think, I am coming close to that point where I need to go to my Cumuto home,” he said at the 79’s batch of police officers 39th anniversary at Sangre Grande Evangelical Church, Ojoe Road, Sangre Grande.

The Police Service Commission has recommended acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Deodat Dulalchan as the top nominee for the post of Police Commissioner after a prolonged process. A Special Select Committee of Parliament is reviewing the Commission’s work.

Williams said he remained thankful to the people of Sangre Grande where he moved through the ranks from constable to inspector before being assigned to work in the capital city of Port-of-Spain.

He described the 79’s batch of police officers as the best officers passing out at St James Barracks. One of the qualities of that batch was the love they shared for each other.

Williams said the 79’s batch of police is looking forward to celebrating their 40th anniversary in a big way.

Source: www.guardian.co.tt

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