Woman dies after giving birth at Sando hospital

The fam­i­ly of a La Ro­maine woman, who died three days af­ter she gave birth to a healthy ba­by girl at the San Fer­nan­do Gen­er­al Hos­pi­tal, is blam­ing neg­li­gence for her death.

The fam­i­ly of Maquad­er Mar­tin, 26, al­so be­lieve the hos­pi­tal is try­ing to cov­er up the in­ci­dent be­cause the post-mortem was done on Sun­day in the ab­sence of any fam­i­ly mem­ber.

The au­top­sy, ac­cord­ing to her fam­i­ly, found that she died from a pul­monary em­bolism (a blood clot in the lungs).

Ba­by Ay­la Maquad­er Nedd was dis­charged from the pae­di­atric ward of the San Fer­nan­do Teach­ing Hos­pi­tal yes­ter­day morn­ing.

Af­ter leav­ing the hos­pi­tal with his ba­by, Mar­tin’s com­mon-law hus­band Davis Nedd and her sis­ter Gaileen Davis, came to the Guardian’s South branch where they broke down in tears sev­er­al times as they re­called the trag­ic in­ci­dent.

The fam­i­ly claimed that a nurse re­fused to give Mar­tin a bed­pan on Sat­ur­day and while was re­turn­ing from the bath­room she fell on the ground and died.

Nedd said it was his wife’s first preg­nan­cy and she had no com­pli­ca­tions. She at­tend­ed all her clin­ic ap­point­ments at the hos­pi­tal and al­so did pri­vate ex­am­i­na­tions and ul­tra­sounds to en­sure that both she and her ba­by were healthy.

“She was ex­cit­ed about be­ing a moth­er. She was so hap­py, she could not con­tain her­self,” said Nedd.

He re­called that Mar­tin’s wa­ter bag burst around 9.30 am last Wednes­day and an am­bu­lance took her to the hos­pi­tal. Mar­tin had the ba­by around 5.38 pm through nat­ur­al child­birth.

She said, “I was al­lowed to wit­ness the birth of my ba­by. They rest our ba­by on her chest and she (ba­by) start­ed to cry a lit­tle. All her (Mar­tin) pains left when she saw the ba­by. She (Mar­tin) start­ed to laugh.”

Nedd said there were no avail­able beds at the Post-Na­tal Ward so his wife had to sleep on a “big soft” chair.

Mar­tin, how­ev­er, was as­signed a bed some­time af­ter mid­day the fol­low­ing day (last Thurs­day).

Nedd said both his wife’s legs were swollen and painful. Davis, who vis­it­ed Mar­tin that af­ter­noon, said she was “look­ing pal­ish,” she com­plained that her legs were hurt­ing and she could not walk.

Davis said her sis­ter had com­plained to the nurs­es and the doc­tors. She said the nurse gave her sis­ter an in­jec­tion for the pain. “When I heard that I found it very strange and it was a red flag for me be­cause I know they don’t do that when you are breast­feed­ing.”

Davis said on Fri­day her sis­ter again com­plained about hav­ing pain and feel­ing weak. When Nedd called his wife on Sat­ur­day around 2.30 pm, she told him she “had a feel­ing” they would dis­charge her.

“She said she feel­ing good. I asked her what she want­ed to eat and she said a sub­way with no pep­per.” When he ar­rived in front of Sub­way’s restau­rant in Mara­bel­la about 45 min­utes lat­er, he said he got a call from Mar­tin’s phone.

He said it was a nurse who told him the doc­tor need­ed to talk to him ur­gent­ly. When he ar­rived at the hos­pi­tal, he saw Mar­tin’s moth­er Meryl Davis hus­tling to­wards to the hos­pi­tal.

He said, “I asked the moth­er what hap­pen and she did not an­swer me. I just knew some­thing strange hap­pen. I ran up the step and I went straight to the ward and I go to her bed and I saw the bed with­out a sheet and the ba­by not there.”

Nedd said a man, who wit­nessed the in­ci­dent, told him when she fell the nurs­es were alert­ed. “And the nurs­es come by the door and they look at her and went back. he claimed. A few min­utes af­ter they pick her up. She was al­ready dead, he al­so claimed.

South West Re­gion­al Health Au­thor­i­ty chief ex­ec­u­tive of­fi­cer Kei­th Mc Don­ald said a state­ment would be is­sued, but up to late yes­ter­day, none was pro­vid­ed.

Reporter: Sascha Wilson

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