Womantra lashes out at PM for "victim-blaming"

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 - 08:15

Woman's rights group Womantra has lashed out at Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley calling for an immediate apology to all the women of the nation for a "terrible lack of judgment and faulty reasoning" steeped in a culture of misogyny that blames women.

The group disagrees that women are killed due to their bad choices in men but instead because their lives are not valued as much as male aggression and the ownership of female bodies.

In a Facebook post, Womantra writes:

"Dr Keith Rowley, when we called for the resignation of former POS Mayor Raymond Tim Kee, this nation sent a clear message that blaming women for attacks on their person was unacceptable, especially when this dangerous practice of victim-blaming is perpetuated by holders of public office whose responsibility it is to protect the interests of citizens, including women and girls."

The group notes that the prime minister's statement came one day after Jamilia Derevenaux's violent murder at MovieTowne, saying they hope the prime minister accepts responsibility for the damage they say he has caused to the integrity of his office.

Womantra says it is awaiting the prime minister's response.

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