Woodbrook attacks, assaults, robberies on the increase

Wednesday, December 4, 2019 - 14:00

Over the past five years there have been over 100 attacks against residents of Woodbrook.

The latest attacks were a home invasion where an 85-year-old woman was brutally beaten along with her amputee son, a robbery and an attempted rape.

Over one week ago, a group of thieves entered a house via an alley near Petra Street where they made their way into the home of the elderly woman. The woman, who was in the bathroom at the time was badly beaten and had several blows to the head with a gun butt. Her son, who had one of his legs amputated recently, was in his room when they entered and also attacked him. The men demanded money and managed to leave with an undisclosed amount of cash, including US currency and a vault that contained important documents including birth certificates. Their images were captured on home surveillance cameras and their images sent viral on social media in the hope that they are identified and their respective whereabouts be reported to the police so that they can be arrested and brought to justice.

Also, a few days ago, about seven o’clock one weekday morning a businesswoman was confronted just outside her house and dragged to the back of her home where an attempted assault was made. She, however, managed to escape and ran out onto the roadway for help. Her assailant grabbed her bag instead and ran off.

Another elderly person was held up in his home and robbed.

Several reports have been lodged at the Woodbrook Police Station and of recent times, residents have seen an increase in police patrols in the area.

Speaking with the Guardian Media, resident and newly elected councillor June Durham confirmed that there have been several home invasions, robberies and attacks in the area but admitted that many go unreported to the police.

She, however, noted that soon there will be “bright lights” installed along streets in a bid to properly illuminate the streets at night time and the establishment of “watch groups” where what’s app chats will be created so that residents can send alerts to each other.