Works minister disappointed with protest, wants police to take action

Minister of Works and Infrastructure Rohan Sinanan says he’s disappointed with residents of Fishing Pond Road in Sangre Grande who this morning blocked the roadway with burning debris to protest its condition.

There have been several protests there over the years and last year a segment of the road was paved. However, residents living beyond where the paving stopped as asking when the rest of the roadway will be attended to.

This morning they lit tyres saying it’s the only way they can get Minister Sinanan’s attention. But the Minister said the residents were told a few days ago that the roadway will be patched as a temporary fix. He said his ministry cannot yet pave the road as WASA is currently laying pipes and it will not make sense to fix the road only for WASA to dig it back up again.

Minister Sinanan told CNC3 News that whoever organised the protest, did so to make it seem like the Works Ministry caved into their demands. In fact, the minister said residents would have done more damage to the road now and that will cost the taxpayers extra.

He noted that such protests are illegal and he is hoping that the police will deal with whoever lit the fires in accordance with the law.

Reporter: Akash Samaroo

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