World: "Webbed-toed" woman found in California tells police she's a mermaid

Police in California have been left puzzled after finding a self-declared "mermaid" wandering the streets.

The woman is said to have "webbed-toes".

The bizarre story was carried by several well-known news agencies, including the UK Independent, the Daily Mail, USA Today, CBS News and the New York Post.

Reports indicate that the "mostly naked woman" who gave her name as Joanna, told police she was a mermaid before she was taken to the hospital in the city of Fresno on Tuesday.

Police say that upon inspection the lady had "webbed toes", wet hair and claimed to have been in the water of a nearby lake.

She was unable to provide any other information about herself and answered “I don’t know” to most questions when interviewed.

The officers said she was responsive and coherent, but her behaviour was bizarre as they did not know whether she decided not to answer their questions, or failure to identify herself was due to a medical problem.

When she was first found by a passer-by who called the police, she had only a sports bra on and asked to be taken to the hospital.

After going through records and scanning her fingerprints, the officers still could not find information on her; they had to seek the help of the public.

But, now Fresno police believe they have now established who she is but are waiting for the results of identity checks before releasing details.

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