Young: Fishermen need to stay out of Venezuela's waters

The Ministry of National Security says the situation involving Trinidad and Tobago nationals being ‘kidnapped’ and currently held in Venezuela has been attracting its attention.

The ministry says the matter is on-going and at a very sensitive stage.

It says that accordingly, details and specific information surrounding the circumstances of this matter cannot be provided at this time.

In a statement issued Friday, the ministry said that police are managing the investigation here in Trinidad and has communicated with INTERPOL and made requests for assistance through diplomatic channels.

The TTPS has no jurisdiction outside of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Ministry of National Security is reminding commentators to be cautious in their utterances and condemnation of how the matter is being handled and the circumstances surrounding the matter.

Minister Stuart Young says T&T nationals should be aware of the risks of leaving this country's territorial waters and venturing into the territorial waters of other countries where we have no jurisdiction.

The ministry said that the information surrounding this matter is that the Trinidadian individuals involved were abducted in Venezuelan river tributaries within the mainland of Venezuela.

It said it will continue to monitor this situation and provide all of the material assistance that it can.