Young: It's a foreign petrol has been sold at the pumps

Communications Minister, Stuart Young says that no imported fuel has been sold at gas station pumps as yet, as he sought today to debunk rumours that imported fuel is burning faster than the local fuel from Petrotrin.

Speaking at today's post-Cabinet news conference, Minister Young said that Petrotrin only got its first batch of imported fuel last night.

"There is talk circulating that Petrotrin's importation of fuels for pumps is inferior fuel and burns off a lot quicker. This is a complete surprise to us because Petrotrin only last night took first delivery of foreign petrol and none of the petrol at the pumps is foreign petrol," Young said.

"This is a distortion of reality and distortion of the truth. There is no imported fuel being utilised at the pumps. All the fuel at the pumps is fuel process and supplied by Petrotrin," he added.

He said that there is absolutely no intention to have inferior fuel imported into T&T.

Young did not state what type of fuel was imported last night.

On November 01, 2018, Petrotrin issued a statement saying that there had been a smooth transition for motorists.

Its statement suggested that the first importation of foreign fuel took place on October 27th.

The statement, which was issued on November 01, stated: "Petrotrin continues to wind down its refinery operations, motorists in Trinidad and Tobago continued about their business last week unaffected as the Company shifted seamlessly away from refining crude to importing refined fuel and exporting crude oil. Last Saturday, (2018 October 27) Petrotrin received its first shipment of refined fuel; one of 16 cargoes that will be delivered during the next four months under an agreement with BP’s Latin America Integrated Sales and Trading group." 

On Monday, Petrotrin chairman Wilfred Espinet confirmed that a shipment of diesel had already been imported into the country.



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