Young: Kamla misleading public by claiming PNM played race card

National Security Minister Stuart Young is accusing Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar of misleading the public by claiming the PNM was playing race cards to win votes.

Responding to Persad-Bissesar's statements, Young said, "This latest attempt by the UNC to change a narrative and change the focus from their unacceptable behaviour is very transparent and easily fact-checked. The UNC’s attempt, as articulated by Mrs Persad Bissesar on a public platform last night, to move the focus of their naked use of race away from themselves is easily contradicted."

Using two examples, Young said, "Mrs Persad Bissesar is the same individual who recently when speaking at a public meeting called Dr Rowley an “Oreo”.

This term is one of the most derogatory racial terms that can be used when referring to Afro Trinidadians. Mrs Persad Bissesar and the UNC attacked the Prime Minister, Dr Rowley, on that occasion based solely on race."

He said another example of the UNC’s modus operandi of using race and ethnicity was their use of Cambridge Analytica (and its predecessor) by adopting their suggested strategy to contest a general election. 

"The strategy was completely grounded in dividing the electorate and in particular, the young people in T&T along racial lines. The strategy used by Mrs Persad Bissesar and the UNC was deplorable and disgusting and attacked black Trinidadian youth," Young contended.

He added, "A quick fact check, and identification of two irrefutable examples of the UNC’s use of race tactics, should be enough for the civic-minded citizens to see that these hollow and valueless words spoken by the leader of the opposition are nothing but an attempt to mislead the population and move the bright spotlight that has been shone on them.”

- by Radhica De Silva


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