This young planter is moving many to tears for the very right reason

A young boy whose name sounds like "A.J Aberdeen" is winning the hearts of thousands on the Internet, after a video of him speaking positively about his decision to farm and sell peppers to make a living was posted on Facebook.

The boy says he wanted to make "honest money" given that some are selling drugs and others breaking into houses.

He said he grows the peppers himself and sells them.

He said he placed first in Auto Mechanics in school and speaks about the other subjects he does.

He aims to be a professional technician with his own garage when he gets older.

His advice to you people is, "Stay in school and look for honest money".

The video was posted by Dave Williams and shared on other pages. 

By 1 pm Saturday, it had been shared more than 14,200 times with over 7, 500 reacting positively to it, several of them saying that they were moved to tears by his inspirational perspective.

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