Zephyrine gets bail

After spending two nights at the Port-of-Spain Prison, Edgar Zephyrine who was jointly charged with former Public Administration Minister Marlene Mc Donald and three others was able to secure his $1 million bail and walk out the prison shortly after 1 pm Wednesday.

Zephyrine, along with Michael Carew, Victor Mc Eachrane and Wayne Anthony faced charges of money laundering and conspiracy to defraud the Trinidad and Tobago Government. 

McDonald also faced similar charges along with misbehaviour in public office.

While Mc Eachrane secured bail on Tuesday and was released from prison, Zephyrine, Carew and Anthony spent a second night in jail.

Sources say Carew's and Anthony's bail were also secured and they are expected to be released from the prison shortly.

McDonald's lawyer Pamela Elder SC also confirmed that her $2 million bail was secured.

However, medical sources told Guardian Media up to 1:30 Wednesday afternoon, no instructions had been given to discharge McDonald who remains at the institution.

 - by Mark Bassant and Peter Christopher

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