Zookeeper, snake reunite

It was the reunion that many hoped for.

Zookeeper Walter Bunyan and Albino Burmese Python on Friday reunited after a bite that shocked many on Thursday.

A video posted on social media Thursday afternoon showed Bunyan opening Mustard's enclosure and tossing a rabbit for him to eat.

Mustard then turned and lunged at Bunyan biting the zookeeper in his stomach area.

The Emperor Valley Zoo confirmed the incident saying that Bunyan received immediate assistance from his "buddy" zookeeper.

The "buddy" was present with Bunyan during the feeding in keeping with the zoo's protocol for certain animals.

Mustard's jaw was removed forthwith from Bunyan's clothes and he was treated for minor injuries on his stomach area.

On Friday Bunyan returned to Mustard's enclosure and the duo patched things up.

An informed source said yesterday's incident was the result of "the snake's instinct".

A veterinarian visited Mustard Friday and examined his teeth.

They were all said to be intact.

- by Joel Julien

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