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Over the weekend the TTSL League Cup quarter-finals kicked off and it was action galore as the eight teams were cut in half.

As the chase for the season's first piece of hardware intensified, Caston Cupid tells us who fell in the rush....

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Now to the women's game and the action was equally as exhilarating in the grand slam T20 last night.

Once at the bottom of the table and seemingly out of the tournament, the Central Sharks beat Phoenix by 7 wickets to make the eliminator...

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Having been unable to attend previous occasions where the Chaconia Medal gold was to be bestowed...

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In our Sports Insight, we highlight the ups and downs of a national footballer her name is Karyn Forbes.

 Caston Cupid has her story.

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The numbers are startling.

A study has shown that over 90 percent of children play video games, and the figure keeps increasing.

One man, who has three children, has decided to use the concept of video games to get children active...

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The 2016 NAAA Cross Country Championships took place over the weekend at the Queens Park Savannah where hundreds of runners participated in the day of distance racing. Caston...

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Paralympic gold medalist Akeem Stewart opened his international season with a big throw in Barbados this past weekend.


Fifteen people are homeless as fire gutted 4 homes along Cipero road in Ste Madeline.

Ivan Toolsie and Akash Samaroo have the details.

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It's not often that you hear the words men and netball in the same sentence.

However, the notion is not as uncommon as one might think. In fact, men's netball in Trinidad and Tobago is steeped in tradition with an indelible link to one of...

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Glen Mendez is one of this country's most outstanding racehorse trainers.

The  57-year- old has landed  700 winners and counting.

In this edition of sports insight, Astil Renn chronicles this brilliant career.