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For our Sports Insight tonight, we get to know Tobias Ottley. His journey through sport has been constantly developing as he helps others develop.

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She was devastated after not making the national team for the 2016 Rio Olympic games, but, then came a ray of hope as she was awarded a full four-year track scholarship from Tennessee Tech University and her career then took a quantum leap. ...

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In this evening's sports insight, Caston Cupid highlights the work of Clayton Ince and his player's revolution, focused on safe hands between the sticks.

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Lacrosse is not a sport common to us in our part of the world.

But the story of Destiny Rochester is an example to anyone, anywhere.

Born to a Trinbagonian mother and a Jamaican father, destiny has excelled in her chosen sport which...

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When the local stickmen touch down in Berlin, they’ll be hoping Kristien Emmanuel leads from the front and gets them some goal. He’s the focus in stickmen’s story tonight.

Embedded thumbnail for  Senior Solo National Table Tennis Championships

The senior solo national table tennis championships began over the weekend and will come to an exciting on tomorrow night at the national racket center.

Caston Cupid has the details in this report.

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In last week's back on track feature, we put futsal into focus.

With a junior women's team currently in training for the Youth Olympic Games in Argentina next month, and an internationally renowned coach coming in to assist that...

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You know, all the time here at CNC3, we bring you race car action.

From rally to drifting to circuit racing, but those bikers sometimes feel hard done.

Astil Renn sought to correct that.

He recently took a tour of a bike show...

Embedded thumbnail for War of Wheels

Billed as an adrenaline motorsports festival, War of Wheels did not disappoint any of the extreme motor sport lovers and not even the curious first-time witnesses at la vega estate in Gran Couva yesterday.

Attracting the likes of world-...

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The secondary school's girls cricket league is embarking on a historic mission.

 They are taking a T&T girls' cricket team on a tour of Canada to play a hardball series.

At one point in time, this was unheard of. 

But now...