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T&T drag racer Muhammad Ali is giving a new meaning to the name, he might share his name with the late, legendary boxer, but this Muhammad Ali is blazing the trail in a totally different sport.

Ryan Bachoo sat down with him recently....

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19-year-old Joshua Da Silva wants to become a professional cricketer.

He's so serious about it, the former St. Mary's college student has put his studies on hold to follow his dream.

In our sports insight, Da Silva speaks with Astil...

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For a whole decade, keep moving Sundays on the Diego Martin highway has been a prime event for residents in the community to keep fit.

Throughout its history, it’s had its challenges in keeping afloat.

Recently we visited an event...

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In this edition of Sports Insight, Caston Cupid highlights a single mother who’s going full throttle at basically a male-dominated extreme sport.

Her name is Susan Pollonais and this is her journey in powerboat racing

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Traditional yoga has been proven to help many athletes in their various disciplines, both mentally and physically.

However, we’re about to introduce you to a different form, that could also prove essential to sportsmen and women.


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Sports and Games FC Santa Rosa sealed the National Super League title with a game in hand. Caston Cupid tells us just how they pulled this one off.

Khamal Georges