Medical Association: Citizens should avoid spreading any viral illnesses

The Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association (T&TMA) will be hosting a clinical symposium on February 16, 2020, to sensitise members of the local medical fraternity about the novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV.

In an official statement issued today, the Association shares all available information on the 2019-nCoV, and is urging citizens to take all necessary precautions to avoid spreading any viral illnesses, especially in light of the global threat around it.

Health Minister: “We’re taking no chances with new coronavirus…”

If you are travelling to this country from the United States or the Asian continent, then prepare to be screened.

Minister of Health, Terrence Deyalsingh, has confirmed that screening has begun at the Piarco International Airport and the ANR Robinson International Airport as the first line of defence against the deadly coronavirus—2019 NCOV—which first presented in Wuhan, China.