Police officers hospitalised after vehicle flips and lands in ditch

Two municipal police officers are warded at the San Fernando General Hospital after the vehicle they were driving flipped several times and landed in a ditch.

According to reports around 8:00 am this morning the officers were on patrol on the northbound lane close to the Gasparillo exit when they lost control of their vehicle.

CNC3's south correspondent Ivan Toolsie says that upon impact the officer's guns flew out the vehicle.

The guns were recovered, however, police are still on the scene searching for the magazines for the weapons.

Man crashes vehicle into Couva Health Facility

A close call for patients and staff at the Couva district health facility last evening, when a man crashed his vehicle into the facility.

According to police reports, the man was feeling unwell and drove to the hospital to seek medical attention, however, upon arrival, he blacked out losing control of his car which then crashed into the facility.

Images on social media show the silver Nissan wagon in a hallway at the hospital surrounded by debris.

Chairs, walls and other items were also damaged by the accident.

Car crushed in highway mishap

High­way pa­trol of­fi­cers are still piec­ing to­geth­er the event which saw a piece of heavy du­ty un­der­wa­ter equip­ment falling on­to a car along the Solomon Ho­choy High­way on Thurs­day morn­ing.

Ini­tial re­ports stat­ed that the trail­er truck was dri­ving north along the high­way when on reach­ing the For­res Park over­pass in Clax­ton Bay, the load fell on­to a car, al­most flat­ten­ing the front.

Of­fi­cers of the High­way Pa­trol Unit, South re­spond­ed.

One dead, 3 critical after cement truck overturns

One Trinidadian woman is dead and three others are in critical condition at the hospital after a cement truck overturned and landed on another vehicle in Tobago.

 Reports indicate at around ten thirty this morning, the cement truck was proceeding along the main road in Hope Village when it came into contact with a low hanging cable.

One eye witness report says, the truck flipped in the air and landed on top of a car, trapping its three occupants.

Three hurt as cement truck falls on car in Tobago

Police are investigating a major accident in Tobago which has left three people injured.

Police say a cement truck was proceeding along the roadway near Hope when it encountered a low-lying cable.

One eyewitness said the truck flipped in the air and landed on its side on top of a car trapping those inside.

First responders are currently on the scene.

The accident has caused a massive traffic pile-up in the area.

Hope is located just a few miles east of Scarborough.

3-year-old dies after father's car explodes

*** Update ***

The child has died at the San Fernando General Hospital having suffered 100 percent burns.

*** Earlier Report**** 

A 3-year-old child is barely holding on to life after suffering 4th-degree burns when his father's car exploded in Tabaquite.

Prince Fracette, 3, of 21 Cito Lane, Tabaquite, is now at the San Fernando General Hospital where doctors are desperately attempting to save his life.

Car plunges off top floor of Price Plaza carpark

A 37-year-old Valsayn man is in hospital after his car plunged off the top floor of the carpark at Price Plaza, Chaguanas.

Darren John was rushed to the Chaguanas Health Facility around 3.20 Wednesday morning with spinal injuries.

He was later transferred to the Mt Hope hospital.

Reports indicate that the incident occurred after John lost money at a casino in Chaguanas.