Traffic Warden injured

A female traffic warden is now hospitalised, after being struck by a vehicle while conducting her duties, this morning.
Eyewitnesses say the victim Mandisa Woods was positioned outside the Nicholas Court intersection when the incident occurred.
CNC3 news understands that around 6 30 am, a red s-u-v swerved off the roadway onto the pavement and struck Ms. Woods “head on”.
Eyewitnesses say Ms. Woods was pitched several meters as a result of the collision, she subsequently landed on a glass panel of the Nicholas towers building, the panel was shattered on impact.

Three dead as car and truck collide in Mayaro

Three people have died in an accident today in Bristol Village, Mayaro. 

Dead are Anthony Marcano, 60, of Piererville Mayaro, Sherwin Constantine, 64, of Piererville Mayaro and Saliesha Ali, 41, of Food Crop Road Bristol Village Mayaro. 

According to police, around 11.30 am Marcano, a PH driver, was driving his Toyota Corolla in a westerly direction in the vicinity of the Bristol cemetery. He lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a truck carrying asphalt that was driven by Mano Churkoo. 

Police charge man for failing to render assistance following fatal accident

Police have charged a businessman for failing to render assistance following a fatal accident and for failing to give a breath specimen to the police.

He appeared in court on Monday and has been granted bail in the sum of $25,000.

Police made the announcement via the following media release: