Adrian St John

UK updates travel advisory following murder of British cricketer

The United Kingdom has updated its travel advisory to this country, following the murder of a British national on Sunday.

The advisory takes note of the murder, stating, "A British national was murdered after being robbed at gunpoint in the Mt D’Or area of Mt Hope in Trinidad on 10 April 2016".

22-year-old aspiring cricketer Adrian St John was shot and killed while vacationing here. 

Over 30 thousand British citizens come to this country annually.

Chris Gayle invited to memorial cricket match for slain British cricketer

The family of the British cricketer who was murdered in this country on Sunday, is planning a memorial match in London to honour him.

West Indian cricket star Chris Gayle is among the players who will be invited to play in the match to remember Adrian St John, 22, who was shot dead on Sunday night.

Gayle founded the academy in London where St John captained the side and on Monday tweeted his sadness about the death.

A fundraising page set up in memory of St John who is an alumnae of Herts University cricket club, has raised over £6,000 in just 15 hours.

British national's murder reported to millions worldwide

The shooting death of 22-year-old British national Adrian St. John, has once again put this country in a bad light internationally where crime is concerned.

News of his death has been broadcast and published in dozens of newspapers, television stations, radio stations and websites, mostly across Europe and Asia.

It has also brought a response from West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle, as St John was the captain of the Chris Gayle Cricket Academy of London.

British national one of two people murdered last night

This country has recorded two murders, overnight.

In the first incident, British national Adrian St John was in the company of two women at VP Branch River around 8.30 last night when two men approached and announced a robbery.

The three were relieved of their valuables and ordered into a vehicle.

St John was instructed to drive off.

A short while later a loud explosion was heard and one of the women noticed that John had sustained a gunshot wound to the back of the head.