Flood help by end of January

Are you still waiting on your flood assistance grant? 

Well, the social development minister is hoping to get that to you before the end of January 2019. 

Minister Cherrie-Anne Crichlow Cockburn tells CNC3 news that the cut off date for assessments for October's flooding was November 15th. 

But she said a number of people called and said they were still waiting to be assessed. 

The minister said some assessments also came in late and right now it's going through the verification process.

8-year-old Serenity needs help with medical expenses

The mother of an eight-year-old child who is in desperate need of medical treatment, has made a public plea on Facebook for financial assistance.

Her daughter, Serenity must travel to Colombia by the second week of January but her mother will lose the funding being provided by an international organisation, if she does not raise roughly TT$40,000 by December 20th.

Serenity suffers with a bowel problem that has forced her to miss school and must constantly be monitored.